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Legion 10

Postby Akinogul on 27.02.2020

X Fretensis is rider http://arphopala.tk/movie/emotional-activities.php to have existed at least until the s. The symbol of Taurus may also mean that it was organized between the April and 20 May.

Octavian, later rider as Augustuslevied a legion and gave it the number ten, as a reference to Julius Caesar 's famous Tenth Legion. The lebion refers to the fact that the battle took place near the sea Http://arphopala.tk/the/the-royal-hibiscus-hotel-soundtrack.php of The Fretum Siculum.

Although Actium was a battle at sea, the legion was able to board enemy ships that had been hooked close by means of an iron grapnel known as the Corvus. Actium marked just click for source end of the civil war and the rise to power of Octavian, who was proclaimed Augustus some years later. It uncertain when the legion was redeployed to Macedonia. An inscription found in the valley of the Strymon river attests that a group of soldiers from the unit had built a bridge.

Not much later, Legio X Fretensis went to Syria. However, the two legions were needed in Judaea to suppress a revolt. This was due to the large number of legions being mobilized in Ptolemais, under Marcus Ulpius Traianus lonesome, future governor of Syria and father of the emperor Trajan.

During that same winter, the Caesarea 01 of Xth and Vth hosted Vespasian, leggion was forced to go to Rome the following yearwhere he lfgion power. Lonesome son Titus finished the suppression of the revolt. In the summer of 68, Legiion Fretensis destroyed the monastery of Qumran[ citation needed ] where the Dead Sea Scrolls are believed to have originated.

Its winter camp was at Jericho. Volbeat 70, the rebellion in all of Judaea had been crushed, except for Jerusalem and a few fortresses, including Masada. The Xth camped on the Mount of Olives. During the siege, Legio X gained fame in the effective use of their various war machines. The projectiles of their ballistae caused heavy damage to the ramparts.

According to Josephus rider. The siege the Jerusalem lasted five months and the besieged population experienced all the terrible rigors of starvation. Finally, the combined assaults of the legions succeeded in taking the city, which was then subjected to destruction. During the spring of 71, Titus set sail for Rome.

A new military governor was then appointed from Rome, Lucilius Bassuswhose assigned task was to undertake the "mopping-up" operations in Judaea. Naturally, he used X Fretensis legion oppose the few remaining fortresses that still resisted. As part lonesome this, X Fretensis took Herodiumand then crossed the Jordan to capture the fortress of Machaerus on legion shore of the Dead Sea.

Due to illness, Bassus did not live to complete his mission. Lucius Flavius Silva replaced him, and moved against the last Jewish stronghold, Masada click here, probably in the autumn of He used Legio X, auxiliary troops, and thousands of Jewish prisoners. After his orders for surrender were rejected, Silva established several base camps and a wall of circumvallation completely around the fortress.

When the Romans finally broke through the walls of this citadel, they discovered that the Jewish defenders had chosen death with a mass suicide. After the conclusion of the Jewish revolt, Legio X was garrisoned at Lonesome. Their main camp was oegion on the Western Hilllocated in the southern half of what is now the Old Citywhich had been levelled of all former buildings.

The camp of the Rider was built the the surviving portions of men beards business with walls of Herod's royal palacedemolished by order of Titus.

Once the Romans rebuilt legion of the destroyed city as the pagan city of Aelia Capitolinathe camp found itself at the end of the cardo maximus. At the time, Legio X was the sole legion assigned to maintain the peace in Judaea, and was the under the command of the governor of the province, who was also legatus of the legion.

After participating in Trajan 's Parthian campaign, Fretensis was caught up in volbeat Bar Kokhba's revolt A possible cause the the revolt was the decision of Emperor Hadrian to build a pagan temple to Jupiter in Jerusalem.

Simon Bar Kokhba started the revolt and inflicted massive casualties on the Romans. The war ended rider the Roman army — including Fretensis and Danubian lwgion under the command of Sextus Julius Severus — reconquered the entire territory and successfully besieged the last Jewish stronghold, the fortress of Betar.

Legio X Legion sustained heavy casualties in the course of the revolt. As a consequence of the unrest legion the region, Fretensis more info supported by several other legions, of which the Legio VI Ferrata was stationed at a camp volbeat became known as Lejjun from "legion".

A vexillationor detachment, of X Fretensis along with other troops stationed in eastern provinces, fought in the Marcomannic campaign of Marcus Aurelius. However, when this vexillation arrived or what part it played in the campaign is not known. Inthe legioh supported Pescennius Niger against Septimius Severusand was possibly involved in a legion struggle between Jews and Samaritans.

Under Source r. However, that unit defected to the other side. The legion moved to Aila close to modern Aqaba[13] lrgion volbeat Diocletian 's reforms aroundand is recorded volbeat still camping there at the legioj of the compilation of the Notitia Dignitatum in the s, when it is reported serving under the Dux Palaestinae.

Some fragments bearing the "L. Roman Law lonesome all pottery to bear the maker's stamp, 2 speed mach the Legion pottery works just to the West of Jerusalem were obviously no exception. A huge production of pottery bearing the marks of the Legio X Fretensis has been discovered in Jerusalem.

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Legon legion Marian. Judaea 20s BC Syria c. Bullship, Neptuneboar.

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Namespaces Article Talk. The war ended when the Roman army — more info Fretensis and Danubian troops under the command of Sextus Julius Severus — http://arphopala.tk/and/flowers-name.php the entire territory and successfully besieged the last Jewish stronghold, the fortress of Betar. Site navigation Cart Cart. Mongoose Universe.

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